Monday, August 15, 2016

Heat Wave

I waited at the bus stop awaiting a Tri-Met bus 4, ticket already purchased, heading to Monday night Flying Circus.

I was brimming with stuff to share about, regarding Measure 97, Raspberry Pi and whatever.

However the bus didn't come and didn't come and we're having a heat wave.  I'm built for colder climes and started to sweat a lot.

"Poor Barry [our real python] needs a mouse" I was thinking.  I then decided to abort and visit the mouse store.

Getting the Chinese for "tetrahedron" the better to explain "isotropic vector matrix" was on my plate earlier, when the M97 people called, about a lawn sign etc.  I'm glad we're coordinating.

These Chinese interactions were tweets, not hard to find.

Since I'm back from these errands now (e.g. the mouse store), I'm able to watch the evening news show (CBS) about the flooding in Louisiana and fires in California.

Terrible flooding in the Deep South.

The winds are blowing embers into buildings, destroying whole towns in California.

Trump is softening on NATO.  Was that the Bernie wing burning up?

Will he embrace TPP next?

These were my queries, not the news show's.

Does our National Guard have more rescuers to spare this year?

Some have seen service far from home, several tours, in the Islamic State (formerly Iraq), near Persia, in "Messy Potamia".

Horrible crimes, in Chicago, the city of my birth.  Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) -- how to prevent.

No other cases of Zika have been reported "in any other state" besides Florida.  Deliberate wording.

We bleep over Puerto Rico with over 10K cases, State of Emergency declared -- not a state, more like District of Columbia, more on Facebook.

Nothing about the Quantum Science Satellite, launched from China earlier today, nor about India's 70th independence day celebrations.

One needs to pick and choose from a blizzard of stories.