Monday, August 22, 2016

Food Not Bombs

I'd set aside tonight for Food Not Bombs, which was important to me during the recession, both in terms of keeping myself fed and for networking.

I guessed I'd stick to that plan, even though Melody isn't going.  It's not like I'm out of food.  I've got my Soylent.  I guessed wrong though.  By the time I found my bike light I'd decided to stay home.
This article in Truthout, against charter schools is vitriolic: Education Reformers' Core Beliefs Are Objectionable Monday, 22 August 2016, by Erik Mears.

I like the idea of livable lifestyles for teachers.  I'd like to be some kind of teacher with a livable lifestyle too.  Livable lifestyles in general are a public good, especially when service oriented.

If we're not looking to charters like Nexus Academy and so on for innovation, then will the math teachers step forward of their own volition with plans of their own?  When and where?  What are the think tanks sharing as road maps?
How would the rank and file like to work it out?  Where's the Youtube spelling out the plan?  Another school year is about to start.  Putting it off and putting it off is uber-risky, reputation-wise at the very least.

I think the International Mathematical Union and maybe the Mathematical Association of America need to weigh in, not just the NCTM again?

If we just stick with the TI calculators and teach no coding skills in mathematics, then my fear is the Americans will sucker for bombs, not food.  They'll seek to enslave the world, as mega-bullies.

They'll do this by supporting a tyrannical and fascist leadership comprised of Beltway welfare queens, admirals and generals, and their thank tank minions, their obsequious engineers.  The engineering will be focused on killingry instead of livingry.

A related question is do we really plan on ignoring the Bucky stuff forever, not just talking about "geodesic domes" (talking more about "tetravolumes").  That's intellectual history if nothing else.

Where did New England transcendentalism go, after Thoreau?  Down the drain?
Lets see more public discussion, long overdue.  Maybe it appears I'm elitist and catering to "geniuses".  I'm more just looking for self-respecting students willing to do some homework.

This McGraw-Hill textbook for elementary math school teachers seemed really off the mark to me.  Why bleep over tetravolumes as a topic, right where it could slide in?