Thursday, July 28, 2016

Flushed Away


No this is not a movie review, although Flushed Away is a toon that I've seen, and reviewed.

My story is about the yellow toilet, aka Yellow Throne, handsome on its black tiled floor, a high efficiency model, works well.  That previous throne was too underpowered, thanks to my conservation-minded self:  I'd put a fat rock in the tank so it'd flush with less water.

The stone expanded with the wetness and although it never cracked the tank, it become impossible to remove with any known technology, short of cracking the tank. The flush was too weak.  I'd sabotaged the toilet, unwittingly, not acting in my own best interests apparently.

Mick the Plumber put the new one in back in 2012. It had to come from far away, as yellow is not a color much in demand for toilets although I sure it beats red or orange.

Fast forward four years, to 2016, and the wax seal has worn away, and the bolts holding it to the floor are shot, weren't much to begin with.

Mick arrived just a few hours after my call, and after some dire thoughts about what we might have to do, bought a rebuilding kit and got it working.

No warranty, because lead seals are problematic by today's standards.  They wear out.