Thursday, April 28, 2016

Lightfoots Visit

Wilma, Howard and Bill Lightfoot

:: wilma, howard and bill lightfoot ::

My relatives bounced down on Amtrak for lunch in the Pearl district. I met them at Union Station.

They only had about two hours in Portland all told, but then riding the Coast Starlight both ways was part of the adventure.

Bill pioneered the day trip by train experience a few weeks ago and had a fun time.  Why not share the experience with Howard and Wilma?

I started the day with panel discussions, on the relationship twixt Stats and Data Science, and another on Deep Learning, so-called.  A lot of terminology has developed, unsupervised by any overarching Philosophy or even Theology department.  We're not doing trivium / quadrivium anymore.

Later, when back in my bat cave, I got to fiddling with my LinkedIn profile some more.  We wade into social media at different times, with some people just keeping the door open with a kind of stub resume.  The Ux pressures for something more, which is fine, LinkedIn has work to do, a real job.

I'm continuing to explore the implications of a "lambda calc track" through Oregon high schools, consulting with Ted Kosan, Joseph Austin and others.

I'm liking this website on Anti-patterns in Python, which Jurgis Pralgauskis kindly shared on edu-sig.  It's not like I've had time to speed read it all, just it's a decent stab at a thorny topic.