Saturday, January 23, 2016

Cyberia: A Next Space

I was pleased to watch a goodly portion of this Southern Methodist University professor's lectures, on tap at the local library, Belmont branch.  He builds in the thesis that the easy availability of space for expansion is integral within the American psyche, as he defines it.  How much is that changing now?

Rather than give a facile answer, I do say we need to factor cyberspace into the picture.  The fight for land and property was often to get a bigger soap box and command of push media such as radio and TV broadcasting networks.  The way to have a voice heard was to emulate Hearst or someone equally powerful.  Cyberspace lets the hoi polloi, me one of them, short cut around all that.  We stand on the shoulders of giants.

In other words, I'm suggesting that Cyberia, which Americans (Amerikanskis) helped to pioneer is a factor, that this kind of space is still real.  People wanted a place "one mouse click away", not buried behind a few fat cats, a few hogs.  We're close to getting there.  The URLs are turning our pyramids into local anomalies within the graph, blips on the radar, no long so overbearing or in the way of our having a voice as a people.