Saturday, June 20, 2015

Summer Solstice 2015

We enjoyed our traditional Solstice Potluck at the Linus Pauling House.  We've celebrated solstices and equinoxes, sometimes in other locations.

Friday was not truly the solstice, but we always choose a Friday for logistical reasons.

On Saturday, Glenn and I wandered downtown to visit MercyCorps, which has a walk-in exhibit these days, of their various engineering solutions aimed at helping refugees from disasters, who number well over six million worldwide.

I mentioned my dream of having local houseless participate in prototyping scenarios using a collaborative model, nothing imposed.

We then visited Kell's Irish Pub for Kell's IPA and some World Cup, soccer for women, Germany versus Sweden.

Ordinarily I would have a lot of pictures to go with this narrative, but the Fujifilm XQ-1 is in the shop and the phone ran out of charge around the time I was ready to use it.