Wednesday, June 24, 2015

At PDX Again

I'm awaiting some Happy Hour treats as we approach closing time at Beaches.  Those of you tracking my Facebook profile know why I'm here:  an MVP from Nepal.  Kathleen, the server, is bringing me a small salad and sushi tidbits.

Earlier today I was looking into what Quakers might be wearing to Annual Session.  One's plain dress should at least be in fashion, just kidding.

Wanderers was fascinating this morning as Dick Pugh was sharing high grade geological and geographical information, including about the process by which landed icebergs might melt, in dust bowl conditions, and what they'd maybe leave behind in the record.  He thinks a lot about stuff like that.

We got into a discussion of what is and what is not "science fiction".  Highly speculative writing about the distant past tends to be tinged with a lot of imagination.  When it comes to filling in holes in one's story, the imagination is without peers.

Portland is in full swing with its many summer amusements.  The Blues Festival is soon to get underway.  My plans are still forming.