Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Horns (movie review)

This was in a living room setting in a home with Netflix.  Horns came up under Science Fiction / Fantasy as the category, but I'd say it should be at least cross-indexed under Horror.

Indeed, it's a classic Horror film in that psycho-sexual complexes get stirred up in the viewer with lightning rod characters in need of punishment (a computation), such that maybe the experience of watching the film is both enlightening and cathartic.

That's the theory, and this one had four stars, but we agreed at most two were merited.

But then how "good" a movie is, or how "good" the acting is, are just a couple axes, perhaps encouraged by the Academy behind those awards.  One might learn plenty from films that aren't really good at all.  Indeed, if needing some quick and dirty anthropology, new to a culture, sampling its lowlife, bottom feeding, may be your best bet.

The hero grows a pair of horns and become daemonic.  He becomes a kind of superman like Ken Kesey.  People tell him things.  There's a triangle.

If I wanted to intellectualize about this film I'd talk about all the allusions to other films, in terms of plot lines and stories, whether those were intentional or not wouldn't matter.

I didn't get the sense it was really helping or healing that much, in that it seemed to assist in the spread of homophobia memes more than counter 'em.  See if you think so, if you have any appetite for Horror.  Remember, four stars on Netflix.  A fantasy.