Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Wanderers 2014.5.6

We were a small group at the Linus Pauling House this evening. 

I was all gaga for Big History, having just rented the three DVD set at Movie Madness.  I'm only through the first four episodes, in the order of salt, horses, gold, cold, I think in that order, as guiding principles of human history. 

Very phase rule, very Euler in showing those topological networks in its cutaways about "connecting the dots". 

All rather breathless and swoopy, just right for a jaded audience used to fast cuts. 

Good use of repetition, not wasting good shots by showing them just once.  Repeating in different patterns.  I appreciate the technique.  Yay History Channel.

But of course the conversation roamed through a lot more than just that.  In Open Forum, we meander like crazy.

Glenn has had his eye on that building at the base of Hawthorne, next to the School of Rock.  He thought the story in the Business insert in the Portland Tribune, the issue with the full page goat on the cover page, about NewsBeat breaking into the news biz, was resonant with his plans for studios and editing rooms.  I mentioned the same building to AFSC as one of my hats as an Area Committee member is to scout out possible locations, if only to inspire our imaginations to higher heights.

More soon.