Sunday, March 30, 2014

TriMet Gets Cheap

Shame on those who made these new benches legal.  What a travesty.  Compare the older benches, ergonomic, designed with the bus-riding public in mind:

Just around the corner, what some thoughtless bureaucrat in a cube thought was a good idea:  vertical sign backed benches with chintzy advertizing caring for your spine (not!):

Remember, whoever advertises on these new benches is low life.  Don't buy their products.  Send them an email explaining why.

Anything TriMet advertises:  consider boycotting.  Don't encourage sell-out bureaucrats who hate the public.  TriMet, please replace these horrible benches soon.  We are viciously opposed to them and will fight you every step of the way, count on it.

The loathsome benches are already starting to fall apart.  Tri-Met sure is the big loser on this deal.  The boycott (of any advertiser who supports this insult to Portland riders) is continuing to gather steam.