Friday, February 22, 2013

Naked Lunch (movie review)

Steve was actually a friend of a friend of William Burroughs, the friend being Ian Sommerville.  Neither of us had ever seen it, and Christine, a Wanderer knew it was good, that we would like it, and volunteered to scrounge it up.

I'm quite glad to have seen this, in part because of the big dot connect with eXistenZ by the same director.  All that icky gooey bug stuff actually went somewhere.  Archy (friend of Mehitabel) move over.

Watching in 2013, the typewriter itself has become exotic.  The scene of the "typing bar" (or coffee shop) is an eerie anticipatory sketch of today's coffee shop in Portland.

I'm not a big Burroughs reader.  I think back to The Discipline of Doing Easy, which is obscure.  So what here is parody, and what is gentle fun?  I get the movie version, without yet reading the book.

Speaking of fun, my thanks to John Driscoll for having me by Systems Science today, as a guest speaker.  I have this fun roller coaster of a slide show that, while not Burroughs-like maybe, is still literary and somewhat fluent.  A mix of Python and MAD Magazine.

Note to self:  introduce OSCON peer reviewers to David Feinstein's work with ISEF.  Some additional layers of display to help us plan the tracks... we were lunching at Thai Baan near PSU, after we joined SysSci students for beers.

That was too much fun for a Friday I'm afraid.  Saturday will be on the clock again.  Nice to set when I work, if not the total hours.