Friday, October 26, 2012

The Way We Were

I'm thinking of Richard Burton singing his "one shining moment, Camelot" swan song.  This isn't one exactly, but I'm thinking at our peak we were like one of those QVS houses.

That's Quaker Volunteer Services, where Friends live together, perform community service, walking their talk in terms of Quaker values.

Per recent ministry in meeting, there's no oxymoron in "Quaker witch". They all do non-violent communication workshops or are just generally non-threatening (talking about the witches living here).

However Melody, who works with homeless / runaway youth, kids in dire straits, has since moved out.  She still stays as a guest, but you need a certain number of knights to have a round table.

I was the role model Quaker in staying with my inward weapons, gallivanting about in cyberspace, weaving in threads.  It's not like we'd all sit in a circle reading the Bible together.  This is more a Western Friend household, so we might read more Jung.  We had some movie nights.

JenQ helped write and publish The Radicle and was a key organizer for Food Not Bombs.

Anyway, that was the hay day.  Both the clerk and assistant clerk have been by in the last few days, visiting Carol, the treasured elder, board member of AFSC and perpetual WILPF strategist.

We were a buzzing headquarters we were (Melody just left again).

We were subscribed to The Economist, The Nation and The New York Times.  Our Wall Street Journal subscription, based on frequent flyer miles, had expired.  I also got Princeton Alumni Weekly.  Our Internet was through CenturyLink, DSL.