Friday, October 12, 2012

Back at the Lab

"Back at the Lab" sounds white coaty, but I'm talking Lucky Lab here, the brewpub that does Dogtoberfest (coming right up -- or did it happen already?).  I'd say Sarah-the-dog here is a lucky lab, but then she's also part mutt, as the pro breeders might put it.

Steve and I joined the DemocracyLab table.  Mark and an associate were about to drive to Seattle even at this late hour, for a conference today.  He took us through a demo, where Oregon State's tax income is the focus.  How much revenue is from video poker, lotteries?  Game winnings are not considered a tax, so these numbers were not shown.

Ben stopped over.  We'd missed Duke by a smidgen.

Nate is heading of to Strata Rx 2012 in the Bay Area.  Electronic medical records using free open source software is one of his foci.  That may mean he misses WhereCampPDX, where we hung out last year, OPDX (Occupy Portland) by then going strong.

The Lab was packed with gamers and hackers.  Thursday nights are really big there.