Friday, September 21, 2012

Building Bombs (movie review)

A chronicle / documentary regarding the ongoing criminal activities of various rogue elements, way worse than meth labs in many dimensions.

Giving the DEA jurisdiction over the DOE's traffic in uber-toxins might make some sense, but the EPA and FDA are currently responsible.  They're doing next to nothing though.  DC does not actually contribute much to the management of North America, one comes to find out pretty quickly.

Bureaucrats tend to be more part of the problem than a part of the solution, given their conditioned-reflexes are so entirely obsolete.

Universities have an opportunity here as many idealistic young are eager to be involved in monitoring and cleanup.  That's to be a major focus of engineering from here on.

Outsourcing bottom-wiping might be what Americans need to do though.  They're being starved for relevant training, yet being charged high tuition.  Eloi.  Defenseless.

I hope Iranians appreciate the lessons of this (rather old by now) film.  Don't follow the Americans down that path.  They made a wrong turn awhile back and have lost their way.  Help lead the world in a more positive direction.