Thursday, July 12, 2012

Another Goodbye


Lindsey brought her from Savannah, where she'd bonded with this already mature animal. Titty lived in the Blue House as an indoor cat, after Moon Kitty died.

 She was gradually transitioned to an outdoor lifestyle, which she seemed to enjoy for the most part, after learning to defend her turf, although an altercation with some other animal was a likely cause of death eventually, the wound going undetected for too long (she did not exhibit behaviors of someone in pain).

She lived a full lifespan for an outdoor cat. She was occasionally recruited for indoor service during the Great Rat War of 2011.  She had access to the basement studio through a tiny window during colder months.

She will be missed. 

Thank you to Joe Snyder for a veterinarian's advice, and to Pet Samaritan for the 9th hour consultation, where Lindsey and I took her yesterday on short notice. She died peacefully amidst expressions of affection.