Saturday, January 28, 2012

On Air

I missed Glenn's presentation at Wanderers, owing to the serious leak in my upstairs bathroom, and my needing to work with Mick the plumber.  I was pleased to learn that Nirel had contributed her professional services and recorded the proceedings. I'm hoping to catch it on Youtube one day soon.

For you Lindsey fans out there who check these blogs mainly to find out about her, I am pleased to report she's blissing out with her drum machine.

Some complain drum machines are soulless, but that might be said about any instrument.  She's made check lists of all the features and made sure to use each one. She has researched the lore connected with this model, including about the machines emulated within.  Her research helped me decipher the reference to "808" in that Boom Boom Pow number.  The 808 was a drum machine.

Her nickname for this machine is R2 (as in R2D2) and she loves it dearly.  Her process is to create drum tracks for three entire albums before going back to add keyboard and vocal tracks.  This is what's going on in my basement, amidst the occasional flooding or rat visitation.

This is my first posting from the new work computer, a Macbook Air, pretty sleek.  I don't have the reflexes for this machine yet, POSIX-based though it may be.  I'm liking it though, and plan to be a quick study.

I've got a couple vids from Movie Madness to take in, one on Fidel, the other on birds.  More details later.

Proving I'm a USA citizen is the new language game.  I've got another I-9 to do, but in setting aside my expired passport and SSN, I think I might have pushed them off the radar.  The current plan is to show up at the Social Security office downtown on Monday with my driver's license.  It looks that that might work, in which case I can meet the deadline and FedEx the forms, per Kathleen's request.

Lindsey is a huge popcorn fan, with or without the videos / movies.  She jumped into this pose as a statement of her approval, half in spoof of herself for so doing.  That's a 25 pound bag of popcorn on the left, sea salt, and oil.  The basic ingredients of life.

Well Supplied

Simon was offering some of his accumulated stuff as giveaways at Colonel Summers Park last night. I grabbed a Make: magazine. He said he once had a whole collection of those. His DIY bike trailer, made from a ladder, with a custom hook, is paradigm DIY in my book. Simon lives the dream, as do many on this FNB circuit.

From Simon's Collection Custom Hitch
 SimonSimon's Ladder Trailer