Thursday, July 07, 2011

A Senior's Musings

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I heard from Nick this morning. Looks like he'll be getting that apartment in Hillsboro. He's been in Eugene.

Today was the Blue House's turn at bat with FNB, as usual. People were trickling back from the Rainbow Gathering. I got my first reports.

The phrase "check your privilege" was a theme today. I did some cross-fertilizing, in typical Wanderers fashion. Mandelbrot:
“Science would be ruined if it were to withdraw entirely into narrowly defined specialties. The rare scholars who are wanderers-by-choice are essential to the intellectual welfare of the settled disciplines.”
After the call from Nick, I did my 14 mile loop on EmoKid, the refurbished bike, successor to TinkerBell.

I'm officially a senior now, after last night. The guy at Burgerville gave me a Senior Coffee. I drank three cups, a kind of baptism.

As I was mentioning to Lindsey, in recounting this story in the meetinghouse kitchen, I take "senior" in that schoolish sense also, in the sense of "senior privilege". I get lots of power and control in this chapter. Other connotations might be held at bay for a bit, while I manage these institutions.

Could I be CMO from Coffee Shops Network, and still be CTO for a government agency at the same time? It's a theoretical question, but as the former offers an open source business plan to funnel money to worthy causes, it's already doing more than many government agencies, not to mention NGOs (a self serving suggestion).

So in my own mind at least, the answer is yes. One should have a minimum of two work identities. We want more than one job, for their synergetic potential.

I was amused by Glenn's stories of the BBC helping to shed more light on this Scientology business. That was never my camp, though I've done some ethnography. At least one of their security chiefs has defected, and that makes it easier to expose some of the inner workings.