Sunday, June 26, 2011

Office Reflections

I'm not too happy about Qwest changing its name to CenturyLinks, a big faux pas in my book. Anything "century" is too stale, unless grandfathered in. Purposely reverting to such retro signage is just a pale retreat, an attempt at a new wrapping. Anyway, not my problem.

I followed up on that PSF traffic regarding Python / Iran. The for-credit "truckology" degree (not its real name) could be cause enough for a convergence, with GeoDjango a theme (like at OS Bridge).

Holden and I discussed the new Hess album on Facebook, our having met at GOSCON last year.

Planning to see Source Code this evening.

I have a "commit bit" for the Wittgenstein feed. Hope Alex, Satya and company are doing well on their walk. Lots of turnover at FNB. LW enjoying Dostoevsky. Did the 14 mile loop, like in the old days with SB and friends.