Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Hatless in Portland

I took some time out today, to label recent photographs, to hunt for my hat. I've misplaced it again, perhaps this time for good. Said hat hogged the limelight in my autobiographical post to the Wittgenstein list.

Trisha (at Wanderers this morning) was off to help load a donkey into a pickup truck and that got us all talking and Googling.

What's a mule anyway? Jim Buxton had more experience with donkeys. The dad is always the donkey it seems. If the mule is fertile, it's because she might get pregnant. Guy mules have no track record of fathering.

Mules bond well with horses, especially mother figures. Many attractive features.

A non-sterile male mule with a horse father and donkey mother would likely be too oxymoronic to call a mule. It'd deserve its own label.

Donkeys usually are a help around the farm, especially when it comes to looking after other animals. However, one donkey Glenn knew was credited with teaching the horses in its care to step over cow guards. It showed them over and over until they got it. The horses and donkey would take off and go exploring, much to the consternation of their human proprietor.