Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Yes, another "coming of age" date on the calendar, a prime number this year. Carol, my mother, now age 82, took me to lunch at The Bagdad. I had a Dungeon Burger, curry chic pea soup, and two Workingman's Reds. Mom had turkey sandwich, same soup, and coffee with cream.

She had plenty of stories from the Philippines, of lowlanders coming into a "zip code area" and forging documents, making a kind of "mockumentary" wherein ancestral lands could be sold to USA imperial corporations, like Dole, for nominal prices. When westerners mean "land reform" that's often it: set up a game wherein we make the rules, so we can buy you out for cheap (as in swindle). Easterners would fall for that, time and again. Or do we call them "easterners" any more.

I haven't had time to read The Mercury yet but the cover story title makes no sense. How could indoor digital put Indie Theaters out of business? A lot of them use the same technology. It's about distribution, not what kind of light bulb you're using. If the coffee shops have first dibs on the work of this or that studio, by longstanding agreement, then you'll expect a loyal base, interested in that studio's latest releases. Home theaters will catch it later, unless in the loop in some way (there's no rule against staff house parties). Wineries have a similar economy: some taste it before others. Film culture has always been osmosis-based.