Thursday, May 26, 2011

FNB Gossip

Walker's switch to raw vegan leads her less into chiefing the cheffing show, which she and I have been casting, and pulling off weekly since September, sometimes one or another of us taking the full load (Lindsey more than I, given my trips to Philly and Sonoma County).

My version has FNB scaling, changing branding if disowned, yet always respectful of its "parent" organization, even while incarnating as its weirder spawn ("Make Portland Weirder").

We publish DIY ("how to") cooking shows, showing few-for-many styles, not just nuclear family me-for-myself or me-for-hubby-n-kids. Other shows do that, with which we don't compete. Crew cooking in a well equipped kitchen and serving by bicycle in public structures. We're looking at public schools maybe taking this on, bringing back the day when bike riding was a for credit learning experience, as important (another part of) drivers' ed.

I was using funny accents today and talking about ToonTown, as I'm wont to do. "Every day is cartoon day" I intoned, in a Quaker meetinghouse, sounding like some weighty Friend in a Disney cartoon, some Subgenius. Lindsey's energy adds to the lunacy of it all, as do others in this roly-poly cast.

We're talking about shutting down the Thursday program as is and reconfiguring. Too early to see the shape of what's to come.