Thursday, March 17, 2011

SPD (sponsored)

The above is what my friend Andrew Frank has been into, as a dedicated worker for the Infinia company. He swooped in from Kennewick that time, to show me innovations in pedagogy. He'd always been talented.

This week: the Sonnenfeld family came through, minus Candy and Teddy, but we included Candy vicariously (she'd grown up in Portland some) by going to the Crab Bowl (in name only, but a dear place nonetheless). Ergo, I didn't get to the well-attended Quantum Mechanics lecture at ISEPP, starring Julian and George, other friends (hello Allen Taylor... Jon Bunce). Dinner at the Portland Fish House was a better use of my time.

Today: SPD (St. Patrick's Day) is also when Dawn left our company, though not in spirit. I've been invited to a Labyrinth ceremony this evening. Tara is in debate camp (nat quals), while Alexia celebrates her eldest daughter relationship. My mom phoned me, to yak about death and taxes. She's using her Google phone, which she likes a lot.

Rick got to meet Alex. The Wittgenstein Study Group lives on. Before that: OMSI. We all road the simulator, which appears to substitute acceleration with motion, but can't really do the roller coaster willies the way a real roller coaster would. But then it's only $5.

Speaking of which, I'm reviewing the ways in which Bangladeshis are called "poor" in this excellent video by my good friend Glenn Baker. In light of The Economics of Happiness, I'd suggest that be revised. Bhutanese have a high living standard, because they're free and under the thumb of nary a superpower. Superpowers are sorrowful, cuz they suck. Mad Magazine never wuz one.

LW is off to FNB. Marian Rhys phoned to say she'd be there. I have no idea about Jezebel. When the Sonnenfelds were around, I made sure to play up the Google Earth reality of some of these structures, such as the Pauling House and Lew's rendition of the Stark Street meetinghouse.

I notice Trump is on the bandwagon of sickos already in questioning the president's credibility and veracity on the matter of his own place of birth. President Obama has done a fine job in my book: no kooky generals bombing Iran already, like ran amok in Iraq. LAWCAP's "spaz attacks" were /are killing our planet (hence the straitjacketing, continued auditing).