Thursday, July 22, 2010

Media Campaigns

Re: Happy talk, aka. More philosophy...

--- In, "John Brawley" wrote:
> "Keeping the flame alive" is almost defeatist. Smacks of Fate.
> How about "renewing the truth" or "running with the torch" or some such?
> You guys should act like _insurgents_, not like semi-hopeless monks burying
> books in sandy caves....
> JBw

I'm sticking with my story of Bucky hoping to keep the flame of hope alive in Grunch of Giants. I thanked Dick for quoting the passage I was thinking of.

That's all that I said.

I'm accused of happy talk, but then I was talking about someone else, not me.

Fuller was indeed a great source of hope for many people, a great leader in many dimensions. Awesome guy.

I'm not trying to come off as "the next Bucky", any more than I'm trying to be "the next Einstein".

I'm more into running these little media campaigns to see where they go. Some of my recent ones:

Stop-loss is Slavery
Starvation is Torture
Ban Fast Food in Cuba
Evacuate (then bomb) Gitmo
End Qyooban Boycott
XYZ = Old Fart Math
Aristotle was Right!