Monday, April 05, 2010

Movie Madness in Portland

Greetings from Missile Street is another video about the devastating effects of economic sanctions on the peoples of the Persian Gulf. Check for downloads.

This documentary was made before 911 and the subsequent invasion and occupation by the so-called Coalition.

Fuller's declaration that "the USA we have known is now bankrupt and extinct" in Grunch of Giants, just prior to receiving the Medal of Freedom from president Ronald Reagan, was a defensive maneuver, as no conventional sovereignty could survive this kind of negative publicity over the long haul.

He put his Grunch and its CIA out in front as the hated foe, in an attempt to spare the innocent American people, buying them some time. That was over twenty five years ago.

Earlier, in Critical Path, he set up some poker hands, suggesting some bluffing might be going on. Bucky himself was something of a wild card (a joker).

He placed himself in the USA's hand, to counter-balance the Russians, who might otherwise rake it all in as erstwhile winners of the superpower sweepstakes. In so doing, he played to one of America's strengths: the freedom of its most pioneering to follow their own hearts, to take the initiative.

He said he was confidant the Russians wanted Mir. Once again: a defensive maneuver.

Desovereignization was not a direct result of any UN declarations, new treaties or protocols. Humans were outgrowing an earlier consciousness, as they had done in previous chapters. They were starting to think in new ways.

Emerging technologies had a lot to do with the new networks and networking, the dot connecting.

Accelerating acceleration had been anticipated by Alvin Toffler, other thinkers. Like them, Fuller was somewhat prescient if not outright clairvoyant.

Thanks to hypertext and its ability to integrate information while countering misinformation, coming generations would not be so hobbled by some "military industrial complex," a debilitating psychological condition president Eisenhower had diagnosed and prognosticated about.

Global university submarines
, packed with weapons of mass suicide (WMSs), plied the world's waters, in case humans could no longer live with themselves.

The crew members of Spaceship Earth had but the one tiny planet to gamble with, and free will, a steering function. What future would they choose? Did they still have an option to succeed?