Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Again at Lyrik

Some of my most important meetings happen in this "corner office". She used to be named Fine Grind, likewise a worthy little establishment. I named my Fine Grind Productions in her honor.

Today it's about university-based software systems and to what extent one should outsource, versus eat one's own dog food.

There's a bias in geek culture towards doing the latter, but of course one imports the libraries one does not write (the wheels one does not reinvent), such as NumPy or the new Decimal module (to use the Python namespace as an example).

I've reinstalled the Cortona viewer for scoping VRML files (.wrl is the MIME type). The Synergeo list is proving a strong source of some new ones. Figuring out clear screen animations for projecting to LCDs, in the Coffee Shops Network for example, requires storyboarding in advance. My primitive two-threaded hypertoons generator, written in Python + VPython, performs much the same prototyping purpose.

PSU is committed to civic service, a quality experience for its students, ways to reduce xenophobia, good town-gown relations. That's a tall order for a rapidly expanding academic program. Student housing may result in more campus households such as mine, which I connect to the Pauling Campus in 97214. Portland also hosts the University of Portland and many excellent community colleges. When it comes to private institutions, Reed College and Lewis & Clark College are especially well known.