Thursday, October 22, 2009

Naked City


Naked City
is a local clothing store next to The Bagdad, is also adjacent to a space formerly occupied by In Other Words, a feminist bookstore, since moved to a new location.

The fact that the window display features a male torso in a bloodied tux standing over a hacked up female per some Gothic horror movie motif (a Halloween theme) seemed radically insensitive to Julia & Lindsey. Was he the perpetrator? Was she his victim? Is this c/overt misogyny then? Why would you want customers musing along these lines?

They authored a letter of complaint in our company office and presented it. The counter clerk said he'd pass it back to the owner (a woman, if that's relevant).

Follow-up: the store's response was to add a hacked up male mannequin to the pile, sending more of an "equal opportunity" message.

After Complaint

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