Wednesday, October 14, 2009

From Lyrik

I felt fortunate to get some face time with dear Nirel, part of a voluntary association I've branded as Coffee Shops Network (CSN).

She serves as CTO no less, consequent to her life-long dream (by this time) of carving out the salonstress role, in a next generation establishment reflective of her values and views.

I've worked in whole hearted support of that dream, given my strategy to pump healing philosophies out to a network, preferably in a mix with entertainment and even some level of game playing.

Nirel herself plays a great world game, with grace and integrity. I am blessed with such co-workers.

Fine Grind has pretty much completed its morph into Lyrik, an exercise in rebranding. Joe has done a fantastic job with the signage. Keiko is letting me sample the new winter drink: vinho quente (hot wine with fruit), a Brazilian favorite.

The previous owner of this establishment, Jody Ahn (aka Jody Francis), doubles as CFO for our network. She has morphed again as well. I feel surrounded by ninjas (a kind of mutant turtle?), which helps heal my latent misanthropy.

Next task: lurk in on the following cyber-event, before catching CBS Evening News with Katie, Lara et al.
Caroline Meeks founded Solution Grove, which specializes in open source solutions for learning communities and has created sites for groups at MIT, Harvard, MGH and Boston Museum of Science. Caroline is actively involved in two open-source communities, dotLRN, which she co-founded in 2001, and Sugar ( which was developed as part of the OLPC project. This year she is piloting "Sugar on a Stick" in a Boston public elementary school. Caroline is a candidate for an MEd in 2010 from the Harvard Graduate School of Education's Technology, Innovation and Education Program, and is a graduate of MIT.

Web Sites:
This requires running EluminateLive! 9.5 with headphones. I trust my Starling-1 will be up for the job.

Hey, I've been reading into Roz's book and really enjoying it. She really knows how to tell her story, generously lets us in to be there with her, albeit asynchronously.

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