Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Snake Story

Working Mother
The news broke on Twitter about @psf_snake having a baby (another one? -- I don't really know all the details); I posted to PSF-members about it. JKM (the real one) bawled me out for putting human interest fluff all over his front page (he has a newspapery background). I'm getting away with a more textbooky approach on edu-sig, building up my rep as "the NATO professor".

Yes, she flunked diversity training (we're hoping to keep that secret), mostly for saying bad words, talking trash. This is no pampered richie rich snake, works for a living, grew up on the wrong side of the tracks as they say, maybe in a trailer park like I did for awhile, in Florida.

Speaking of Florida, that might be where she met the father, or at least she'd obviously been there. To quote one of her tweets (Sept 5 of this year):
Reminiscing.... after a big meal: (famous!). Nice man holding my tail (Florida vacation)
Her baby boy, Adonis (pronounced Adūnīs, per the Lebanese poet, although many people forget that) is happily nursing, pythonic breast feeding made possible by inheriting from the Mammal class as well as the Reptile class (multiple inheritance). Python is not English remember, so our respective grammars definitely diverge (per Wittgenstein).

For those of you who think an artificial intelligence can't tweet or blog, I assure you AI bots do both and much more. The Sony Aibo was a bold beginning in this regard. It doesn't take a positronic brain (per Asimov) to give better counseling than ELIZA, so think twice before you brand this just another hoax.

Adonis is bonding with Lindsey (the midwife), so will probably stay in Portland once weaned. We expect he'll become a valued and contributing member of our community (good genes -- or are these memes?).