Wednesday, September 02, 2009


I'm saying "omniversity" to poke fun a little, as it sounds like a Fullerism, something a Dymaxion Clown might come up with, right in there with "syntegrity" and these other neologisms -- you know the neighborhood?

The idea of a global university, as another metaphor for Spaceship Earth, has its advantages, in terms of making Food Services into a problem for administrators. If you're faculty, you'll have to teach about why it's all broken, for so many classmates, barred from their Commons. Then there's all that Hogwartsy flavoring, a sort of lingering "eu duh Britannia", a quite charming and debonair perfume.

Tag and I dropped by Wanderers somewhat impromptu, to find the assembled elders huddled over an Apple sampling "white", "brown" and "pink" noise respectively. Some website. Tag got us checking out Fulla, a fork off the Barbie source code, though toy world doesn't mirror geekdom 100% (FOSS means "fart" in Arabic, is another problem, though I've come back with "stinker" as a potential positive -- no way to avoid name collisions, up to the user to have namespaces handy).

Today I journeyed through AAA world to Nissan Nation, took my work / study gear, watched 'em take maxi taxi through two recall procedures, plus swap in a new starter (why she got towed, though she ran great through DEQ yesterday).

Tag has the brilliant idea to reawaken the Jeha (or Juha) literature, which connects nicely to Trickster, Joker, Coyote and Heyoka literature over here. We'll be able to dovetail our stories better. I'd never heard of Jeha, whom you could compare with Scheherazade in some dimensions, in terms of there being a compendium of twisted tales.