Monday, September 21, 2009

Inside Scoop

Not my fault that "scoop" rhymes with "pooper scooper", which any dog lover knows, you must take to the park to be a good citizen. Dog poop left untended by the dog owner might as well be just pooping in public. Take plastic bags, at the very least.

So the journalism spin tends to fall by the wayside in some circles (namespaces), as in journalism you want that inside scoop. "Scoop of ice cream" is still a good thing. "Two scoops please", is a very Ben & Jerry's kind of thing to say, very Norman Rockwell. So +1 for scoops.

CBS tends to have "exclusives" these days, not "scoops" -- I think it sounds kinda cool, means we have these inside sources you haven't found yet, i.e. we're dissing your outsider status relative to ours (the same old journalist game of sources, so nothing new here).

The envisioned Diversity Panels won't outright ban you for being a bigot, but if your cartoons are too edgy... I just hear this from lurking. Something about Oz? "Munchkins wanna use Python too" is the slogan I'm getting, kinda like the other end of the spectrum from Rivendale (more like hobbits i.e. good little folk from the shire). We welcome them! Diversity R Us.

:: even normal people use Python ::