Friday, September 11, 2009

Fundraiser 911

I'm posting live from the venue below. It's still before show time. Circadia Art Center reminds me of Milepost 5 in some ways. Another artist colony.

From LindseyWalkerMusic:
A Portland family moved to Nebraska a little bit ago to chase employment. They got into a terrible bicycle accident there. The man’s face will need complete reconstructive surgery and may have brain damage but the severity and effects will not be known for a while. He also has thin blood and a heart problem which adds a serious risk of death to each surgical operation he has. The woman injured her knee. Their 3 yr old daughter was thankfully at home. She had just been laid off and he had just got a job that would support their family. He has no vacation or sick time. They need help covering rent while he’s recovering. So we’re throwing a benefit for them @ Circadia Art Center 4705 NE Columbia on Sept 11th 9pm. We have Naming Names, Karaoke, DJ as entertainment, Lindsey Walker and The Goodbye Party.

:: upcoming event ::

We Give It to Babies
:: a pabst before show time ::