Friday, June 26, 2009

Lobbying Again

Cyberspace has made political lobbying a whole lot easier. The last time I was in Salem for something official, it was to help "Captain Haddock" renew his boat license, and no, I don't see myself as a "Tin Tin" (too much a bwana type), enjoyed his adventures though, had a crush on Snowy maybe (takes some years on the couch to get to those).

Patrick zapped me just the right geochemistry info to crystallize a mini-lesson on Avogadro's Number, easy to "crunchify" -- love that nutty goodness. Lindsey, another drinking buddy, is headed to Gay Pride in SF, a fun event for any WV refugee I'd suppose. Daniel posted this great Pythonic math link to a resource on Ulam's Spiral, one of Trevor's fascinations, good deal. And last but not least, the father-son Sandes team delivered a primetime performance regarding their new "how to program" book. Most excellent (and yummy AVP ammo).

When I worked for Associated Oregon Industries it was different, as the VPN wasn't reliable and besides, there'd be complicated requests, too hard to do over the phone, though yes, minor fixes to a VFP project, followed by a build, means simply shipping a binary, none of this "open source" nonsense (AOI was "no nonsense" about open source, and I do my best to uphold the standards of my client, not my place to proselytize, although within such a broad spectrum organization, you'd expect a healthy variety of views -- mirroring those in the legislature across the street).

The asynchronous nature of cybermedia is highly convenient, like a Library of Congress on steroids. She checks in, I check out right away. I check in, they each grab a copy. And so on, like Mercurial (hg) in a nutshell (talking about the Python platform). I'll get this little cabal looking over my shoulder, no need to reveal itself, then the next thing you know, at some cocktail party, this slinky XX will sidle up to me and say she's been reading my blog. I have to be careful if on chauffeur duty for some MVP out-of-towner. It's unprofessional to succumb to flattery at the drop of a hat. I'm working on my "beefeater catatonia" reflex, a sort of grin and bear it aspect, while secretly enjoying the attention.

I started filling out a Lewis & Clark application today, can't live on lobbying or chauffeuring alone (other clients all satisfied at the moment). EuroPython is happening without me in Birmingham, which is OK, as I'm pretty sure the UK has already studied my open source briefings, reached its own conclusions. It's not like I've made a big secret of our world domination plans or anything. What's UniBasic I wonder? Live and learn. No bizmo in time for the Missoula, Montana (NPYM meeting) looks like, PKL needing more of a posse I'm thinking. Woulda had to fit mom and her walker, but that's hardly a big deal.

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