Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Wanderers 2008.8.27

All but two of us have laptops this morning, eight around the table. This was my first group check-in since starting a Wanderers PbWiki, leading me to make some administrative changes.

I hadn't realized my Writers were all being notified of one another's changes, the default, leading to lots of new emails. That's a setting each Writer has some control over, but only after logging in with a unique password.

We talked quite a bit about experiments with lasers, both for transmitting power and for cooling, with Jim Buxton reading aloud from some technical article. The topic of buffalo herds also figured prominently, their effects on topography, also migrating tarantulas, Glenn corroborating some of Ron Baithwaite's scary campfire tales.

We also continued our discussion of my Ouija board model vs. simple minded conspiracy theories, with Jon having us imagine a giant planchette governed by huge numbers of people.