Thursday, September 13, 2007

Tinkering with Tink

Long time fans of this blog know TinkerBell is my bicycle (and Razz is my car).

The name TinkerBell is humorous in at least two dimensions:
  1. I have a retro dino bell on my handlebar that tinkles;

  2. Tinker Bell is a cute pixie elvynchyk (fairie, whatever) from Disney lore whereas the bicycle is more like a Clydesdale (Elise: Friesian), industrial strength and heavy
So for the last couple days I've been wondering why turning the wheel to the left makes everything seize up -- good way to pitch forward.

I wheel it all the way to my favorite shop on Belmont for expert advice.

Ah, says the man, who knows his business, the front wheel is already spun round 360 degrees, and a left turn is pushing to even more than 360. The brake cable doesn't like it.


Problem fixed, no charge.

Suitably humbled, I ride her home.