Saturday, September 08, 2007

Mt. Tabor

:: from mt. tabor today ::
I've given myself Mt. Tabor as a "gym option" meaning cycling to the top counts towards my daily fitness regimen. Today the summit was bright and sunny. I napped some, text messaged, and, out of the corner of my eye, watched a beautiful woman pray.

Earlier today I stopped by Harrison Street Studios and flashed my "business card" meaning in this case my 4D Studios page on Myspace (see margin of Grain of Sand). I might be getting some rights to use sound clips by Gadgetto in some of these YouTube or higher rez rich data streams (e.g. my Portland Knowledge Lab pilots).

Over on edu-sig, Jeff Rush has been helping me focus on my uses of FOSS (free and open source development techniques). The MVC metaphor pertains. Sometimes the Model and Controller code might be open, like a registry for doing clinical followup, but the Views are not because the actual data is for internal use.

Moodle itself is open; the contents of moodles may not be.

Later: some gutless wonder banned me from Philosophical Coffeehouse today, an obscure Yahoo Group where I was trying to get some work done. Maybe he's now going through and deleting all my posts. Oh well, I'll write 'em off as first drafts of some stuff.

:: sarah with hexapent ::