Friday, July 20, 2007

Winding Up

:: teacher station ::
I'm finishing up with this class today, signing the certificates, getting the feedback filed. This was another go-round of Pythonic Math, each time with innovations, new proofs (or disproofs) of concept. I'm finding this round going pretty smoothly, with a lot of credit to my students, mostly eager to be there and learn.

:: gray board ::
Yesterday, appropriately timed with Moira's visit, I took a biotech approach to Python, explaining expression fragments, data and control structures, as proteins. Functions are primitive biota, taking args through a mouth, doing tricks in exchange (preferably not too many tricks per single function).

If we want more tricks, stack them along a spine with those special name __ribs__, begetting the skeletal class framework so characteristic of Python.

Finally, a module would be like a zoo or aquarium, a place for all of this stuff to share habitat, creating an ecosystem ( = namespace in this namespace).

:: projection mode ::

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