Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Version Control

More from EuroPython day 2:

Open source projects depend on version control repositories, which allow projects to evolve in an organized manner, meaning in a tree shape, with a trunk and branches.

Right now I'm sitting in a talk about Bazaar with Launchpad. Bazaar is named for gun nut Eric Raymond's The Cathedral and the Bazaar, a classic essay within the free software movement.

Geeks I interviewed seem to rank Bazaar more highly than Subversion, Subversion more highly than CVS. Mercurial may be even better than Baazar.

Earlier I attended some open space discussions: of Pygame (games projected), of possibly organizing a business conference (eGenix).

I mostly just listened, while writing descriptions for, and uploading, five Pythonic mathcasts to Showmedo. The wireless hotspots here are quite fast, thanks to AistÄ—, so the video files uploaded quickly.

OK, time for some lightning talks in Alpha. Amazing stuff: LOLPython, web serving from a mobile phone (Nokia) running Apache & py_mod. Chandler. Zope3 (Zope instances are dead). z3c.ormJS. PyCon UK. Enso. EGEE grid.

Python 3000: Guido encourages developers to use the upcoming Python 2.6 and a new source code conversion tool to begin developing 3.0 versions of the code, starting with excellent unit tests.