Tuesday, July 17, 2007

sa: 8144: Day One

Above is a busy board with several layers of sediment. I like this computer lab better than the last one because the whiteboard is up front, behind a pull down projector screen, and with all workstations facing it. In the previous lab, the whiteboard was more awkwardly placed.

On the left, my attempt to freehand Europe, with allusions to North Pole centric maps (Fuller's being one of them), ergo the route back to Seattle. Given this was less that twenty four hours since my return from Lithuania, I wanted to share about that trip (to EuroPython 2007), including by projecting some slides of beautiful Vilnius, with more on Flickr.

In the middle, responding to a student question: how to get pseudo-random integers in the Python shell, looking ahead to more multi-line programming tomorrow, with some minimal set of control structures.

On the right: using the the function __builtins__.dir to query some types and/or modules (integer, string, list, dictionary... plus __builtins__ itself) as to their respective "bags of tricks," netting lots special name __rib__s in reply.

For a more detailed write-up of this first class in the series, click here.