Sunday, July 08, 2007

EuroPython HQS

FOSS boss Aistė Kesminaitė met us at POV (Programmers of Vilnius), of which company she is Director. Aistė speaks perfect English, Lithuanian, Russian, Polish, also French and German.

She's been organizing EuroPython pretty much single- handedly on site, just returned with boxes full of newly printed programs. Now she and Jacob are off in search of a printer ink cartridge, on a Sunday.

Laura is hard at work on her laptop.

Really there's a lot of color printing still to be done, plus the USB cable to Laura's low end color printer appears to be broken.

Aistė and Jacob decide on the spot to purchase a brand new HP color laser printer. POV needs one anyway. I carry it in from the car.

Given the USB cable is broken, Aistė struggles to get the new HP 2840 working as a network printer. Finally, Ubuntu comes through, using a generic Postscript driver.

Later Aistė and I drive to the hotel, where we meet up with other geeks. Here, the game is to decide where to put some additional wireless access points, including these four industrial strength ones Aistė has borrowed.

Google, a sponsor, has sent promotional materials, including a banner display.

I did a screen test in one of the rooms. The equipment at Reval Hotel Lietuva is all top of the line.

Oh yeah, I finally figured out how to change my Blogger interface back to English.

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