Tuesday, December 12, 2006

More OnLine CV

I haven't read nearly enough Marx or spin-off Marxism to consider myself a Marxist, or Leninist either.

As a kid, I was more a Freudian-turned-Jungian, then got into Ernest Becker (into Otto Rank) and Norman O. Brown. I read (and really enjoyed) Potok's The Chosen in there somewhere, some Martin Buber (including some of Kaufmann's translations), but can't really advertise as a Jewish intellectual either, unorthodox or otherwise. Studied Hegel way more than Heidegger, got a big dose of post WWI existentialism in high school (IS in the Philippines, with some really great pinoy teachers).

I just don't have the credentials to hang a shingle in most walks of life -- can't do heart surgery either. On the other hand, via the Bucky stuff, other philosophy I've trained in, I am able to find bridges here and there, which help me communicate with counterparts in other traditions.

As I've footnoted elsewhere, the name Urner is Swiss, and I'm proud of that heritage as well, sometimes milk it.