Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Roller Coaster Diaries

I flipped through a large format book at Gonzo's today (he's my wife's acupuncturist and herbalist -- part of the integrative medical team that supports her): a kind of Tantric catalog of compassionate beings, including Tara, for whom our daughter is named.

The pictures are by a Nepalese artist. Robert Thurman wrote an afterword.

I found the book comforting, even in the midst of all this suffering, all this feeling sorry amidst sorrowful beings. I'm glad to be here though, amidst my companions, amidst these incredibles. Thank you all for being in my life. Like, howdy strangers.

Joe and Larry sent me kind notes, in response to my email to the Quaker mens' retreat list this morning. And Vanessa, on another Quaker list, offered to help us get cheaper pain meds from Venezuela. Canada is closer.

We'll see Dawn's oncologist on Thursday. We need to know more about this roller coaster we're on. I'm scheduled to leave for London the following Tuesday, back Easter Sunday.

Judging from Wanderers postings, Jim Buxton had a wonderful time in Libya, viewing the full eclipse.

I've been meaning to catch up on Caitlin's blog (Terry Bristol's daughter). And mom's website is looking really good these days (she's become a true webmaster).

Sarah is barking, wants me to let her in.


Dawn really wants me to go to London, even if her time with us may be shorter than we were hoping, even hours ago. She got to talk to her pulmonologist, 24 hours after talking to a release nurse. I understand the need for pacing I suppose. I hate not knowing stuff sometimes. We're thinking Mom will come stay here at her PDX workstation while I'm at the Summit, then return to Whittier a few days after I return on Sunday.