Saturday, September 03, 2005

More BizMo Tech

A lot of bizmos will generate scrolling video blogs. There might be a live show now and then, perhaps at a convergence spot (festivals, e.g. Burning Man). However, a lot of the viewing will be asynchronous and achronological, even though the recordings get filed in the order they happen (per usual in blogdom).

Bizmos involved in emergency relief tend to be too busy to log much beyond procedural stats, giving control room overview: quick updates, better feedback. The slower-moving and sometimes more soap operatic operations (a blur of characters) will come when there's more time for reflection. The very same bizmo might be capable in both modes (as are everyday humans: capable of emergency response, but needing relief from too much stress).

Some bizmos assess damage or working conditions, scout locations, prepare the scene. Others may come by after an event and clean up, restore the environment. What happens in between might be anything from a circus to a refugee camp. You need some clowns in both, because children need cheering up. Get some cartoons going in one of the tents, serve popcorn. Let kids laugh if they're able, or cry if that's what's up.