Sunday, June 26, 2005


This was a long day, given the sun only set for a few minutes, sometime after midnight, when we'd passed beyond Greenland going about 625 mph at 35,000 feet on a muscular MD-11 owned by KLM, enroute from Vancouver, BC to Amsterdam. The next jet, a 737-400, also KLM, was named Ernest Hemingway. The Air Canada from PDX to Vancouver was a Dash-8 (props, cabin under the wing). Airplane reading: Quicksilver by Neal Stephenson.

I haven't slept much since waking up in Portland many hours ago. That's OK. Dawn sometimes talks about entering dreamtime when she travels. Maybe this is what she means. I'm here for EuroPython of course, as a special invitee. We've got a thread going on the Math Forum that has some more background.