Sunday, March 06, 2005

Journal Entry de Jour

Well, my back isn't back to normal yet -- still paying for that splat at the roller rink. But at least I'm up and about, even lugged a bag of dog food from the store this afternoon, plus did some gardening with Tara around the Mother Mary statue, so hey, it can't be that bad.

Just posted some more of the same to math-learn (link). The Math Forum has new infrastructure for the discussion groups.

Nick is here checking his email on TMU (I'm using KTU2, which has two monitors). He just showed up a few hours ago from Seattle and will be out by early tomorrow, heading east with Stallings.

Stallings is doing a couple performances of King Lear at a Umatilla prison -- he had a gig in New York City as well, awhile back (not surprising -- the guy is way talented).

Dawn is reading a lot, mostly science fiction these days, though she enjoyed Lindsay's book.

I turned over Childrens Program to my successor. At our last committee meeting we looked over the curriculum from JACL, a prized addition to our collection.

Oh yeah, got another check from PSU, no biggie. Enjoying company of wanderers and friends, including those times out on the Columbia River.

Anyway, not a lot happening. I have another meeting with Ki Master George next weekend. I'll finally get to meet Father Bob, insha Allah. Maybe I'll post again then.