Thursday, January 27, 2005

Blog Launch

The title is an allusion to Motorcycle Diaries -- which I haven't even seen yet, so I'd better huh?

Plus I don't have the bizmo yet (other than this bipedal one, a 1958 model that needs to lose some weight) -- so for now this is sort of a placeholder (a "stub blog"). But there's prep work that needs doing, so I expect it'll stay active.

What's a bizmo you ask? Well, I go into that in more detail in my earlier blog: Grain of Sand. Check it out.

Note: I tried out a more "parchment scroll" template but I've gotten used to Minima by Douglas Bowman. This black and orange theme also reminds me of Princeton and its tiger totem, which I also like (hello William Blake).

The plan here is to give my crew members joint ownership of this blog -- it won't just be me doing all the posting.