Monday, March 25, 2019

Business Concerns

Sometimes I drive around Oregon imagining where the campus facilities might go.  Something that's part of a wind farm and already hooked up to take care of power generating, makes it useful to staff from the start.  Add cultural radio (mixed bag).  If there's anyone in radius that is (sometimes I'm far off the grid, in ranch country -- you'll still have windmills though, if along the Columbia Gorge).

If you go back in my blogs and on Medium, you'll see where my head is at, as some kind of Sam Hill principal in some School of Tomorrow (experimental, prototype).  But would my expensing all that driving as "for business" make sense?  In a Quaker Meeting sense it might.  Warm Springs reservation was on my circuit.

I talk more about casinos in Casino Math, obviously.  That's a topic area in my Digital Math curriculum, established on Wikieducator and then put into practice (experimental, prototype) here and there, with willing risk takers.

People who march off to camp to try something new may be risk takers.  What needs testing might not be weapons of war, in my Civilian Service scenario, but in terms of getting outdoorsy, there's lots of overlap.  "Math is an Outdoor Sport" say my virtual billboards.  Using GPS and/or following a treasure map, takes some trigonometry.

I've been doing fly throughs of neurobiology on Youtube, the better to stimulate my hypertoon receptors.