Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Jamming Scammers


Another signal we cell phone users get daily, regarding the demise of FDR style socialism, is that cowardly capitalism is able to bombard us with robocalls unfettered and unregulated by any Big Brother.  I'm sure the Business Plot Congress (named in honor of the Business Plot) is pleased with this outcome, as it means scammers (their sponsors) have free rein to attack their constituents (their victims).

As someone relatively tech savvy, I downloaded an app from Sweden that says "insurance scam" every time a robocall tries to sell me Blue Cross.  The reputation of Blue Cross, like that of the White Helmets, is tainted and diminished by this degrading format.  We in Cyberia simply associate "health insurance" with "scam" after a few hundred such robocalls.  They still fill my inbox with their robot messages.  I have to go in and clean it out. Added drudgery.  Thanks Congress!  Thanks FBI!  Do I sound sarcastic?  Maybe not, as here's a fast way to signal the diminishing power and influence of already broken institutions.  "Too big to fail"?  What about "too late to fix"?