Thursday, April 12, 2018

Loving Sophia

I've been mounting an old soap box and calling for a recall of the PhD degree, a defective product.  How could "lovers of knowledge" prop up such a corrupt academic establishment?  Letting Pearson get away with not sharing our polyhedrons is a travesty.  The UK is not our friend.

Look at what happened in Saudi Arabia.  A hoax puppet, made to seem smart, got to be a Saudi citizen and address the UN, making a mockery of the curriculum everywhere.  Who needs Yes Men anymore, when supposedly bright people are this gullible?

I take the high fear levels around AI, traceable to Terminator movies, as a projection of what we most fear:  that our own conditioned reflexes, our robotic side, will end civilization.  That's a real danger.  We're 99% robot, with only 1% "that of God" (intuitively minded). Our robotic side is very useful in a pinch, but may also get us killed.

The real danger of AI is that we, the really intelligent (RI) will become dumber and dumber, turning into robots.  The army of PhDs, so-called "doctors of philosophy" aren't fighting back it seems.  They're surrendering to their own artificialness, turning phony to their cores.  AI = PI (phony intelligence).  It's everywhere.