Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Neighbor Talk (Global Village)

I'm pleased with the ODEC crew.  The trainer said she was a little too hesitant, thinking of possibilities, but then ultimately you've just gotta do the deed.  I know what he meant.  He's been a stunt driver on Leverage and teaches police how to high speed chase.

We were doing a make up driving, focus on lane changing, having missed a session thanks to permit placement error.  My role was to drop and pick up.  Fortunately, I have VPN from any wifi spot, so had productive time at a Starbucks.

I know I sound like I'm getting paid for brand placement, but it's more that I voluntarily register some of the crews (yar!).  I'm not saying I don't do paid work for spin doctoring.  I participate in the exchange of values and valuables, mindful of a responsibility to preserve and protect heritage.  That would include work by Crumb, celebrated at Laughing Planet on Belmont.

Watching Sherlock Holmes, this latest one, and Tintin back-to-back has likely had a searing effect on remaining neurons.  They say those get replaced more than they used to lead us on.  Anyway, whatever.  On steroids, these guys (Tintin and Sherly).  Smarter than Rambo though, more 007 flavored, yet not gun happy really.  I liked their getting more girls into it, like in those funny spy movies awhile back (the one with TinkerPuff or whomever).

I was exulting about that funny Vin Diesel movie set in Brazil, as I was reminiscing with Steve tonight, about things Brazilian.

We ended with Tara piloting the Maxi Taxi through Ladd's up Harrison onto Lincoln, back to Harrison and into our driveway -- a little fast but because I gave the wrong instruction.  Walker the friend-in-residence still co-owns the car per DMV and was duly consulted to get clearance for these maneuvers.  The learner permit was on our presence at all times.