Friday, April 02, 2010

Good Friday

I'm heading off to a psychotherapy session with H&R Block shortly, should be enlightening.

Alexia came by to look at old pictures with Tara. They took a trip down memory lane in Carol's office, which is part of the work flow as I wrestle with housekeeping. Single dads sometimes have a poor track record in this regard.

I canceled a credit card this morning, one I don't use. Then I met with a client at Lyrik. I sent off a deliverable just a few minutes ago, on the clock as it were.

Alan is goading me
to do more with this MathWorld thread. I've added a post to the Math Forum about it, will link from here when it goes through.

Talked to mom in Whittier.

Lindsey has been working on new songs.

The Lotts left us some spare groceries on the porch, much appreciated. Frugality is certainly a theme these days.

April showers are the reality in Portland, lots of rain.

Our Easter egg hunt will move indoors this year, at a new venue.